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Fred Hoppe

Fred Hoppe
Fred Hoppe  
Fred Hoppe has been involved in the museum exhibit and sculpting field for over 35 years, winning over 100 state, national, and international awards. His recent specialization includes wildlife and monumental bronze sculpture. Research and field studies have taken him to Europe, Africa, and most of North America's wilderness areas, including Canada's Yukon and Northwest Territories. Eight of his 40 trips to Alaska have been above the Arctic Circle.

Fred's work is nationally known, and includes commissions for Former President George Bush (Fred was selected from a field of over 400 artists to do this commission), General Norman Schwarzkopf, Former Vice-President Dan Quayle, the President of India, Nebraska Governor Ben Nelson, and other national and international figures.

To honor Nebraska's 4 National Football Championships, Fred created the bronze sculpture that sits on the campus of the University of Nebraska, "Husker Legacy". This is a life-size sculpture of seven football players and is placed outside Memorial Stadium. Also sitting on the university campus is a life-size replica of a giant imperial mammoth that roamed the plains of Nebraska 23,000 years ago. Sitting outside Morrill Hall, "Archie" is 26 feet long and stands on its base at 17 feet high. Over 300 of Fred's bronzes have been donated to non-profit organizations, such as Eppley Cancer Center, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Nebraska schools, and others, raising over $ 500,000. 70 feet long and weighs 15 tons. Fred's awesome tribute to Veterans is a sculpture that is 70 feet long and weighs over 15 tons. It features 50 life-size soldiers (modeled after a veteran from each state) storming a beach. From 2001 through 2014 the statue was located inside the Veterans Memorial Museum in Branson, Missouri surrounded by the names of those killed in action during WWII. The City of Branson has now purchased the amazing statue for display on Hwy 76 (location to be determined) and the statue is in storage until that time. Fred's most recent statues include the new Tom Osborne statue at the University of Nebraska, a incredibly moving statue of Father Flanagan, and several others from beautiful wildlife to tributes to our heroes that protect us.

The Veterans Memorial Museum was envisioned, financed, created, and implemented by Fred and opened in October of 2000 with the official grand opening on November 11, 2000. This national tribute is his vision to honor the legacy of our veterans of the 20th Century. Fred had been interviewing and researching veterans for over 25 years and collected over 2000 exhibits and artifacts for the museum. He personally wrote the scripts for each display and also created other bronze sculptures and commissioned murals to adorn the museum which consists of over 18,000 square feet of exhibits and artifacts.

Fred was born and raised in Nebraska. He attended Nebraska Western and the University of Nebraska. Fred is married to Donna and they have three sons. Along with creating special bronze sculpture commissions for others, Fred is creating additional sculptures for the Veterans Memorial Museum in Branson, Missouri; as well as directing the operations of the museum; and procuring additional exhibits for the Veterans Memorial Museum.

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